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  • Suffer Little Children – by Penny Jones – Book Review

    SALES LINK: SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN Hi, fellow 9th circle dwellers. After the amount of praise Goat Leader has piled onto the ‘Shadows’ collection from Black Shuck Books, I decided I’d go ahead and give one of them a try. ‘Suffer Little Children’ was recommended to me because apparently, this short story collection is quite savage…

  • The Bucket List – by Mark Towse and Chisto Healy – Book Review

    SALES LINK: AMAZON A raging storm and a bed and breakfast off the beaten path. Three couples looking to cross things off their bucket lists.A night of puns, quips, and brutal violence, hosted by the sweet, mad, elderly couple: Marge and Alby. If you’re a fan of Horror/comedy, give this one a go and cross…

  • Starless and Bible Black – by Susan York – Book Review

    SALES LINK: AMAZON Hello! I know I haven’t been around much but, of course, when a short story collection floats my way, I can’t resist! If you’re looking for a horror collection that will give you your money’s worth, look no further. At almost 300 pages and containing 17 stories, there is a lot packed…