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  • My Top 50 Horror Movies From The Last Decade

    Dark bleetings, everyone! Horror is my life but with age, I think I’m getting grumpy. I don’t know if I’m steadily getting harder to please as I compare every new horror release to my favourites, which are mostly from the 1980s, or if movies these days really are – in general – not as good…

  • Night’s Plutonian Shore – by Garrett Boatman – Book Review

    Researching sustainable energy, Rick’s best friend Wally has discovered a means to tap into the bioplasmic energy field that surrounds all living things. He envisions trains and office towers running off collective psi. But when he invites his friends to test his psychotronic generator, they unleash demons residing in the human old brain, the seat…

  • Darkness in the Fields Event and My Top 10 Folk Horror

    Dark bleetings, everyone! I hope you’re well and enjoying the turn of the seasons. If you’re anything like me, you might be viewing the approach of summer as impending doom, hissing at the sunlight that penetrates your closed curtains. But you know what this time of year is good for? Folk horror! There’s an exciting…