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  • Illusions of Isolation – by Brennan LaFaro – Short Story Collection

    SALES LINK: ILLUSIONS OF ISOLATION Dark bleetings, everyone! Just a quick background on why I’m reviewing this collection, in the interest of full disclosure. I wrestled with whether or not it was appropriate because I (Kayleigh) was involved in the production of this book. I work with French Press (indie press created by author Stephen…

  • Beyond Glass – by Rachel Knightley – Book Review

    SALES LINK: AMAZON Beyond Glass is a short story collection in the Black Shuck Shadows series (short horror collections – check out all the pretty covers!). Rachel Knightley’s offering is number 27, and I think it firmly belongs amongst the other greats in the Shadows line-up. This collection gives us 6 short stories of varying…

  • The Day Before You Came – by Matthew Cash – Book Review

    SALES LINK: AMAZON When Philippa spots the bungalow it’s love at first sight —and she is filled with the sense of safety and warmth whenever she’s there. She’s not a believer in the supernatural, unlike her best friend, Niamh, but she has to admit there is a energy about the bungalow, a vibrancy that fills…