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  • The Black Room Manuscripts: Volume 2 – Anthology – by Sinister Horror Company – Book Review

    21 Tales of Terror From Shaun Hutson . Graham Masterton . Laura Mauro . William Meikle . Lindsey Goddard . Matt Shaw . Sam Stone . Rich Hawkins . Jasper Bark . J R Park . Duncan P Bradshaw . Daniel Marc Chant . Lily Childs . Nathan Robinson . Jack Rollins . Dani Brown…

  • My Top 5 Vampire Books

    Hey kids! We’re in the middle of winter in the UK – that truly delicious and crispy time of year when the days are dark and cold. There’s no season greater. I love nothing more than opening my curtains to find the sun is already setting! So, what better time than the dark months to…

  • Tribunal (A Quiet Apocalypse: Book 4) – by Dave Jeffery – Book Review

    HEaR TODaY … It is one of the most devastating events in human history, a deadly virus that killed most of the world and deafened the few who survived. In the chaos of the aftermath, the city of Cathedral emerged, and with it, a brutal regime of oppression and violence. Now, years later, the city…