review policy

Happy Goat Horror covers any and all content that falls under the general banner of “horror”. Whatever the sub-genre, so long as it fits somewhere in the broad horror category, we’re happy to consider it for review. If you’re unsure of which goat to send a review request to because your sub-genre isn’t listed in any of their profiles on the “about the goats” page, just address your email to Goat Leader.

We welcome requests from all authors/presses (from self-published to indie to mainstream), and invite anyone of any background, ethnicity, gender, identity, and orientation to reach out to us. We are social goats that do not believe in exclusion, and Happy Goat Horror is a safe space for all who visit.

When requesting a book review, please state:

  • what type of book you are submitting (novel, short story collection, anthology, etc.)
  • the approximate length of the book (word count or page count will suffice)
  • the sub-genre/s of horror that your work falls under
  • if there is a release date that you’d like us to keep in mind (books already released are also fine)


We’re based in the UK (everyone from everywhere is welcome to submit review requests – we only mention this so you know where we are before you offer to send a physical copy, because of shipping costs).

We accept (and appreciate) digital copies but physical copies are always prioritised.

If your work makes the review list, please understand that we can not guarantee a positive review, only an honest one.

We do not accept payment for reviews.

We will also post on Amazon and Goodreads (if you prefer that we don’t cross-post, please let us know in your initial email).