The Happy Goat Horror Awards

In January of each year, we will announce the winners of The Happy Goat Horror Awards. So far, there are two awards up for grabs:

  • Best Book of the Year
  • Ultimate Novella of the Year

At the end of each year, the goats will discuss everything we’ve read and reviewed throughout the year, and decide who the awards go to. We’re still in our fledging year, so this is not yet a perfected event. We may consider including books suggested by you, fellow horror fans and authors. One thing we have decided is that the books don’t have to have been released during award year, just read by us during those 12 months. If you’ve read something you believe is award-worthy, let us know. If you’ve written something you’d like us to consider, submit it for review. If you would like to suggest an award category, such as ‘Reader Favourite’ or ‘Best Short Story”, we’d love your feedback! Let us know what you, both readers and authors, would like to see.


The recipients of The Happy Goat Horror Awards in 2022 were Mark Towse (Ultimate Novella 2022), and Adam Nevill (Best Book 2022). Take a look at the dark offerings of gratitude we sent their way. We swiped these images from their social media.