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For your convenience, here is a link list of all of our reviews organised alphabetically by the author’s first name. Articles/movie reviews/special features are listed at the end.

Adrian Baldwin:

Adam Nevill:

A. J. Spencer:

Alexis Henderson:

Brennan LaFaro:

Benjamin Langley:

Black Shuck Books:

Cal Brett:

CC Adams:

Chisto Healy:

C. J. Sampera:

Cristina Mîrzoi:

Dan Coxon:

Dan Franklin:

Dave Jeffery:

David Watkins:

D. W. Hitz:

Frazer Lee:

Fedowar Press:

Fright Unseen:

Gemma Amor:

Grant Longstaff:

Gary McMahon:

Holley Cornetto:

Hellbound Books:

James Everington:

Kit Power:

  • Voices
  • A Warning About Your Future Enslavement

Kristopher Triana:

Michael Jess Alexander:

Matthew Cash:

Micah Castle:

Matthew R. Davis:

Mark Towse:

Naomi Booth:

Occultaria of Albion:

Penny Jones:

Paul Tremblay:

Robert Herold:

Rachel Knightley:

Richard Daniels:

Stephen Kozeniewski:

  • The Perfectly Fine House (co-written with Wile E. Young)
  • The Thing Under Your Bed

Susan York:

Sinister Horror Company:

Theresa Jacobs:

Tim Lebbon:

Terry Miller:

Wile E. Young:

  • The Perfectly Fine House (co-written with Stephen Kozeniewski)