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  • Less Than Dead – by Cal Brett – Book Review

    SALES LINK: LESS THAN DEAD The zombie apocalypse caught everyone by surprise. The hungry dead have eaten their way through most of the world’s population, leaving only the shells of humanity behind. Kelly and Rob have survived in the ruins of their city by sheer luck avoiding being eaten by the undead, killed by human […]

  • The Black Room Manuscripts: Volume 2 – Anthology – by Sinister Horror Company – Book Review

    21 Tales of Terror From Shaun Hutson . Graham Masterton . Laura Mauro . William Meikle . Lindsey Goddard . Matt Shaw . Sam Stone . Rich Hawkins . Jasper Bark . J R Park . Duncan P Bradshaw . Daniel Marc Chant . Lily Childs . Nathan Robinson . Jack Rollins . Dani Brown […]

  • My Top 5 Vampire Books

    Hey kids! We’re in the middle of winter in the UK – that truly delicious and crispy time of year when the days are dark and cold. There’s no season greater. I love nothing more than opening my curtains to find the sun is already setting! So, what better time than the dark months to […]