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  • Camp Slasher Lake: Vol. 2 – Anthology by Fedowar Press – Book Review

    SALES LINK: CAMP SLASHER LAKE VOL. 2 A tribute to the glorious slasher movies of the 1980s, Volume 2. Featuring:Evisceration Liberation by Jay BowerDisassembler 3: The Revenge Of Billy Burns by Justin CawthorneFat Fran by Kay HanifenCuster’s Last Stand by D.W. HitzHe Hunts at Night in the Boneyard Bog by Brett Mitchell KentBorrowed Symbols by…

  • Lucy Purrington – Photographer – Interview

    Lucy Purrington is an amazing photographer whose work both inspires and moves me. I have 3 of her prints hanging above the desk in my office, right where I can see them when I’m writing. One day, when I’m finally releasing novels, I hope that my covers will be be created by her. I’ve been…

  • Less Than Dead – by Cal Brett – Book Review

    SALES LINK: LESS THAN DEAD The zombie apocalypse caught everyone by surprise. The hungry dead have eaten their way through most of the world’s population, leaving only the shells of humanity behind. Kelly and Rob have survived in the ruins of their city by sheer luck avoiding being eaten by the undead, killed by human…