They’re Heeee-eeere!

Hello, and thanks for checking out our brand new passion-project, Happy Goat Horror. I’m Goat Leader, the head of this horror-loving tribe, and the one you’ll see posting on our social media pages. We also have our reviewers, Angry Goat and Jolly Goat, who excitedly await your review requests. Some of you already know who I am, in human form, but the other goats will forever remain anonymous, in the interest of keeping reviews fair and impartial. We’re a big but somehow tiny community, where everyone seems to either be friends with or at least know of everyone else.

The aim of this site is simply to enjoy, talk/rant about, review, and promote horror – especially indie horror. I realise I’m preaching to the converted here, but horror’s reputation for being low-brow, shock-value trash is unfair and untrue. Its fanbase also has a reputation, outside our actually friendly and supportive community, for being nothing but twisted weirdos. And to that I say, yeah whatever. “We ARE the weirdos, mister.” Everyone is some sort of weird, whether they’re a horror fan or not, but in our niche (but expansive) horror family, we don’t judge each other for our peculiarities.

We’ll be discussing and promoting mainstream art, of course, but all of us goats are in agreement that indie horror is the heart of this project. We also want to highlight other horror sites and blogs, like the fabulous GINGERNUTS OF HORROR, so if you run/are involved with a site (or blog or YT channel, etc.) and would like to be featured, or have a special event or giveaway we can promote, let us know how we can help. We don’t aim to compete with anyone – there are a whole 7 layers of Hell, if you believe Dante, and there’s room for all of us. The more the merrier, as the classic goat saying goes.

Happy Goat Horror exists because you guys are great people to hang out with – that’s basically it. I honestly love my extended horror family as much as the genre itself. Your overwhelming support and encouragement when I released my own first short story some years ago now is something I will never forget – nowhere else have I ever had such a welcome, and now I’d like to extend that same branch to anyone who wants in! If you’re a horror fan, you’re welcome here. If you’re a creator, we want to enjoy and share your work.

Later today, we’re kicking things off with “Every Stephen King Book, Ranked”, and then we’re posting daily for this inaugural week and will be reviewing works by Adam Nevill, Gemma Amor, and Adrian Baldwin. You can also expect a movie review (THE PLATFORM), an article entitled, “10 Movies for People Who Hate Jump-Scares”, and on Sunday we’ll be announcing our first giveaway.

After that, we’ll be posting every Monday as standard, and more often during special occasions (like the entirety of October!).

Okay, that’s it for now. Thank you for stopping by, welcome to our tribe, and let’s build something (horrifically) beautiful ❤

7 responses to “They’re Heeee-eeere!”

  1. I feckin hate jump scare movies! BOO!


  2. I am jolly-well looking forward to the content that shall be bestowed upon us!

    Let The Tribe grow and flourish!


    1. The goats appreciate your encouragement, and raise their horns in gratitude!


  3. YAY!! I am always looking for good reading matter and as Mr King is not prolific enough to satisfy my needs I look forward to picking up new ideas from Goat Leader. I hate jump scare movies too but LOVE jump scare books.


  4. So excited to connect and follow you all!! 🙂 ❤


    1. We’re happy to heave you here in our tribe! (Please bear with me – I’m trying to figure out how to actually follow your blog but I’m still not great at tech stuff!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries at all! I think I have it set up weird… I have an email subscription on the right side bar, but I’m not even super confident that that works well.


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