1st Giveaway/Competition Announcement

Posted by Goat Leader

Hey kids – I’m excited to bring you Happy Goat Horror’s first giveaway! The prize in question? A book/books of your choice, up to the value of £20 (ish). Pick whatever you want – major release, indie horror, comic – as long as your choice is something we can actually obtain without going down an eBay rabbit hole on a month-long quest to find it or something, it’s yours.

This is a UK-based competition but if you’re outside the UK, feel free to enter – I’m sure we can work something out, perhaps just ordering through your country’s Amazon, for example.

So, how do you enter the competition?

Each day this coming week, starting tomorrow, we’ll be putting up a poll on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Following on from this week’s Stephen King Ranked list, we’ll be polling several Stephen King books a day and asking you to vote for your favourite. Haven’t read any Stephen King, or aren’t familiar with that day’s list? No problem – just vote for your favourite title or cover instead – we really don’t care, there won’t be a quiz afterwards. Everyone’s welcome to join in!

Your name will get entered into the prize draw every time you participate:

1 vote = 1 entry

1 like on the post = 1 entry

1 comment on the post = 2 entries

1 post share = 3 entries

Additionally, we’ll give you 2 entries if you help us get the word out by sharing THIS post (if you share this by copying the link and posting, be sure to tag us so we know!).

So, if you vote, like, comment, and share the post, your name gets entered into the draw 7 times. If you vote, and then get into a conversation with someone on the post and end up leaving 12 comments, that’s 13 entries. Get involved as little or as much as you’d like. You can interact with just one, or all polls – we’ll add up your entries each day.

Obviously, the more posts you interact with, the more entries you have in the draw – there’s no limit. If you miss a post, just go back and vote later – there’s no cut off day/time as long as the poll is still running. You don’t have to pick between FB and IG – feel free to join in on both.

The competition will run until midnight on Sunday 14th August 2022, and we’ll announce the winner on Monday 15th.

Good luck, everybody!

2 responses to “1st Giveaway/Competition Announcement”

  1. Needful Things is my favorite


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