Darkness in the Fields – Ticket Giveaway!

DARKNESS IN THE FIELDS runs for the first time this September, bringing together a great range of writing talent for a day of folk horror writing. Taking place on September 10th, DARKNESS IN THE FIELDS features guest speakers Stephanie Ellis (The Five Turns of the Wheel), Tracy Fahey (New Music for Old Rituals) and Coy Hall (Grimoire of the Four Imposters), and will be hosted by writing workshopper and lecturer Alex Davis. Tickets for the day are usually £30, but two lucky winners here at Happy Goat Horror will have the chance to attend the event for free! For more information on the event, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/darkness-in-the-fields-folk-horror-day-tickets-378524285327

For your chance to win, simply send your answer to the question below to alexdavisevents@hotmail.co.uk. Entries close at 11:59pm tomorrow (Wednesday 17th August, 2022).

Vincent Price starred in which classic folk horror movie from 1968?
A) Witchfinder General
B) Watchmaker General
C) Wishmaster General

Entries will be acknowledged by email, and winners will be notified after the competition closes. Unsuccessful entries will not be notified. Email addresses will not be retained or added to any mailing lists etc.

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