Contest – win an ‘Indie Author Feature Week’

Hey Kids!

If you’re an indie author who either self-publishes, or releases work through a small press (or several small presses), this contest might be of interest to you.

We want to use the last week of September from Monday 26th – Friday 30th to promote an indie author, but there are so many of you to pick from, we couldn’t think of a fair way to decide who to spotlight. That’s why we’ve decided to turn the selection process into a contest! It opens today (Thursday 18th August) and will close at midnight on Sunday 21st August.


Simply send us a brief synopsis of your favourite horror movie – but butcher it. We’re talking full-on plot assassination, tearing the protagonist to pieces… completely missing the point of the theme.

Maybe The Shining is about a guy who just wants to be the best caretaker he can be, but his bitch wife won’t stop interfering with his job? Maybe A Nightmare on Elm Street is the story of an arrogant teen who hatches an evil plan to lure a burn victim out of his safe space?

Whoever does the best job of annihilating their favourite film wins. Major points if you make us laugh (especially if you get a smile out of Angry Goat). There’s no limit to how many movies you can ruin – if you send us something and then later think ‘Damn! I thought of something better!’ feel free to submit another entry.

To enter, you can either email us at (please use “Indie Feature Week” in the subject line), or send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram. Please don’t worry about any formalities – we want this to be fun!


For five days straight, we’ll run a feature on you and your work, and you’ll get a say in how we do it. This feature week is about you, so if it’s book reviews you need, promo pieces for new works, an author interview, etc, your wish is our command. Consider us here to do your dark bidding.


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