Tim Lebbon is Braving Newport!

Tim Lebbon will be in Newport to talk about his work on Friday, 2nd September, and if you can’t already tell, I’m excited. There’s nothing I love more than an author event.

So, who is Tim Lebbon?

ARE YOU SERIOUS? I can’t believe you’d even ask such a question! But in case you’re not familiar, let me tell you a little bit about him.

A bloody legend – that’s who Tim Lebbon is.

He’s the author of novels such as THE LAST STORM, EDEN, and THE HUNT (to name but an excellent few). He’s also the author of multiple works that are either set in the worlds, or direct novelisations of, such films and franchises as…

Kong: Skull Island




Star Wars

30 Days of Night

The Cabin in the Woods

Additionally, he’s also had his own works adapted into film – stories such as THE SILENCE (2019), and PAY THE GHOST (2015 – starring Nicolas Cage), amongst others.

If you’re a fan or a writer that lives locally to Newport, hearing Tim speak about his work is definitely an event well worth enjoying on a Friday night. He dabbles in several fields and has so much experience that it’s bound to be both an entertaining and educational time!

Also… if he’s willing to brave Newport (I mean, he did live there for 20 years but he escaped – he escaped, damn it!), then we can too. And don’t @ me for that comment – Newport used to be my Friday night hangout and I never stopped being mildly afraid of the bus station there. Clart.

I wonder if Tim will know what I’m talking about when I ask him if he remembers the Newport Helicopter?

2 responses to “Tim Lebbon is Braving Newport!”

  1. Hope this event was a blast!! Tim rules! 🙂

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    1. He’s so lovely! The event was great : )

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