My Top 5 Stephen Kozeniewski Horror Books

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I’ve read almost everything Stephen Kozeniewski has released. I first became familiar with him years ago when I reviewed an anthology for Gingernuts of Horror, called Fat Zombie. I was blown away by his story.

Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Stephen Kozeniewski horror books!

Six billion identical clones make up the entire population of Earth, and William 790-6 (57th Iteration) is exactly like everybody else. In his one year of life he will toil in suburban mediocrity and spend as much cash as possible in order to please his corporate masters. When 790’s first birthday (and scheduled execution) finally rolls around, a freak accident spares his life. Living past his expiration date changes 790 profoundly. BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS is the story of one “man’s” attempt to finally become an individual in a world of copies.”

This is such a great read! A dystopian horror sci-fi with some very funny dark humour, and unexpected twists and turns. Stories about clones aren’t that original, but Kozeniewski’s concept is. I don’t think this is one of his most popular, which baffles me, quite frankly.

Washed-up oceanographer Cameron Custer is hoping a mysterious living fossil discovered in the South Pacific could breathe new life into his career. Instead, Custer’s new specimen points him toward a heavily guarded secret—the truth behind the Guadalcanal Campaign. During World War II the U.S. Marine Corps had more than just the Imperial Japanese Army to contend with. They also had to wage a vicious battle against the amphibious Dark Ones and an onslaught of their deadliest servants.

This is a reboot of the old, beloved Clickers series, originally created by J. F. Gonzalez, Brian Keene, and Mark Williams, and was co-written with Wile E. Young. Splatterpunk finery, with huge crab monsters, weird sea enemies, and lashings of hilarity throughout.

“Doctoral student Paige Ambroziak is a “station bunny” – she’s never set foot off the deep space outpost where she grew up. But when she’s offered a small fortune to join a clandestine salvage mission, she jumps at the chance to leave the cutthroat world of academia behind.

Dangers abound for Paige and her shipmates. Flying outside charted space means competing corporations can shoot them on sight rather than respect their salvage rights. The area is also crawling with pirates like the ghoulish skin-wrappers, known for murdering anyone they can’t extort.

But the greatest threat to Paige’s mission is the nauseating alien parasites which infest the fleshworld.. In just a few short, bone-chilling hours Paige learns that there are no limits to the depravity and violence of the grotesque nightmares known as…THE HEMATOPHAGES.”

I love horror set in space, especially if the story is full of blood! This is an entertaining book that grossed me out, made me nervous, and kept me hooked. One of my favourite things about it is that the crew is entirely female, and it’s barely even mentioned. It’s not done to make a point or to virtue signal. Kozeniewski wrote the characters and created the world so authentically, that I didn’t even notice there were no men in it until about halfway through. I asked him once why the cast was all female, and he replied, “Why not? No one would question it if it were all men.” Can’t tell you how much I love that.

In an alternate reality where ghosts are as commonplace as the weather, the most terrifying thing imaginable is a house not being haunted.

What a fantastic premise. I’ve read so many ghost stories that coming across one where the problem is NOT seeing ghosts was an absolute delight. Another co-written venture with Wile E. Young, and another smash hit for me. Definitely the most original and unique take on ghosts that I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

A single word strikes fear into the hearts of even the most experienced starship crews…

Aboard the freighter Blue Whale, a young girl’s day begins like any other: texting her friends while her parents bicker about breakfast. Then, with a loud, sickening pop, their domestic tranquility is shattered.

A single word goes out over the emergency warning system…


What can I say? Horror set in space is too good to deny! This is actually a prequel to The Hematophages, which I didn’t realise so I read this first, but it doesn’t matter. You can read it as a stand-alone. The stories are linked but are also self-contained, entirely different tales. I’m not one for giving out spoilers, so let me just say this…. homocidal, skinless space pirates.

Okay, that’s it! I hope there’s something on this list that you’ll like – honestly, the range of subgenres that Kozeniewski writes in almost guarantees that he has at least one book that will suit any horror fan.

If you’d like to check out Stephen Kozeniewski and his work, you can find him here:


4 responses to “My Top 5 Stephen Kozeniewski Horror Books”

  1. LOVE this!! I love Skinwrapper so much! I just picked up Billy and the Cloneasaurus and I can’t wait to dive in!

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    1. I REALLY like Billy – enjoy! Tell me what you think when you’re done!


  2. Thanks much, team. I can tell you who my four favorite goats are!

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