Book Review – BOARDED WINDOWS, DEAD LEAVES – by Michael Jess Alexander

Jolly Goat

Hi everyone! This is a non-spoiler review.

BOARDED WINDOWS, DEAD LEAVES is a short story collection by Michael Jess Alexander, containing mostly supernatural tales, with a sprinkling of sci-fi.

I love a good short story collection – this is a great one! I always like to review a collection with a quick summary of my thoughts on each story, so without further ado…

A Profound Impact – I don’t know where I thought this was going, but it wasn’t there! And that last line – holy sh** b***s!

Chatterbox – What starts as a very humorous premise flips and becomes exceptionally creepy. And once again… that last line! One of my favourites.

Warm and Tender – Zombies! Always a winner but oh my gosh, was I pleased about how it all went for the main character. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Werewolf Cemetery – Of all the ways to get trapped into a relationship. Really enjoyed the humour in this one.

The Delivery – Oh my dark lord. Once again, nailed the ending. Another favourite!

Space for Amateurs – This is what happens when you’re unhappy in the workplace.

Accident at the Laboratory – Could. not. stop. laughing. Despite the premise being truly horrifying, I defy you not to be amused in the darkest of ways by this whole story. I’m sure this particular scenario could not possibly have happened in real life, but somehow, the protagonist and his predicament is so relatable anyway.

In the Hot Seat – You’re fired.

Vic – Guy hires a semi-pro when he should have forked out for a full, proper professional. Hilarious. Here’s a teaser… “I hissed at the moon.”

I really love this collection – there isn’t a weak story in the whole bunch and the sense of humour that strings it all together is super dark, and hysterical. I think there’s something for most people here, and the writing is great. Where the author really excels is in closing a story – his last lines are fantastic. That skill in itself would make the book even if I didn’t enjoy the stories as much, but I’d say this is definitely the full package.

I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys short stories (obviously), especially of the supernatural variety. It definitely makes for an excellent winter read.

If you’d like to get your own copy, you can find it here:


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