Camp Slasher Lake: Vol. 2 – Anthology by Fedowar Press – Book Review


A tribute to the glorious slasher movies of the 1980s, Volume 2.

Evisceration Liberation by Jay Bower
Disassembler 3: The Revenge Of Billy Burns by Justin Cawthorne
Fat Fran by Kay Hanifen
Custer’s Last Stand by D.W. Hitz
He Hunts at Night in the Boneyard Bog by Brett Mitchell Kent
Borrowed Symbols by Aaron E. Lee
Father’s Day by Kevin McHugh
Skulls on the Shelf by Carl R. Moore
Dirty Little Family Secrets by Daniel R. Robichaud
The Gospel According to Teddy by Darren Todd
Ash Wednesday by Mark Wheaton

Hi, fellow 9th Circle dwellers. As much as I enjoy masked maniacs, hammer-wielding wackos, and immortal harbingers of death and destruction, I have never come across an anthology like ‘Camp Slasher Lake: Vol 2’ before. Maybe I would have, had I knowledge of Volume 1, but regardless, this type of a collection is a first for me.

I read a lot of anthologies, but never have I found one that quite encapsulates the glory of the slasher movie like the collection of stories contained in these blood-thirsty pages. If you’re a fan of ruthless, seemingly-unstoppable serial killers, cults, and the general feel of the 80’s (that all the very best slasher films are drenched in), this is an anthology you’ll most likely enjoy.

My favourite story – by far – was ‘Disassembler 3: The Revenge of Billy Burns’ (by Justin Cawthorne). The following paragraph will contain spoilers for this particular story so skip ahead if you don’t want to know the details. This story is balls-out madness – the very best kind of madness. If the ‘”Mangler of Morning Springs” isn’t enough to get you yelling “run bitch, ruuuuun!”, then perhaps the UFO that beams up both him and his unsuspecting victim will be. Or the body-switching teenage alien that is SO gonna be in trouble with his mother later. I swear, this story has such a good sense of humour and despite the many bizarre occurences in it, somehow doesn’t overstep the mark of what’s acceptable. At least, not for me. It’s the perfect mix of meta humour and savage homage – I loved it.

If you enjoy slasher movies, I’d recommend checking this out. It has summer camps, cults, scary killers (lots of those), unlikely heroes and survivors, and lots more. If you’d like to get a copy, you can find it at the link below:


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