Reconstructing a Relationship – by Micah Castle – Book Review

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Drew and Terry while out on a date suffer a terrible car accident. The boyfriend dies, but the
girlfriend survives. Desperate to be with her love once more, Terry steals Drew’s brain from the
morgue and escapes the hospital. She’s determined to bring him back, by any means necessary.
Through years of reading ancient books, learning forgotten languages, and drawing symbols she
cannot comprehend, Terry successfully gets what she wants… And, what she deserves.

As soon as I read the bit of a blurb about this short (68 pages) story I thought ‘oh yes, that’s a big bit of me.’ It’s the first story I’ve read from the author so had no idea what to expect.

The story is split into dual narratives, the first from Terry, a woman in the depths of grief following an accident that killed her beloved boyfriend, Drew. Sounds pretty regular and melancholic right? WELL, it turns out that Terry has found a way to bring the love of her life back to her by piecing various body parts together and recreating him through black magic. Wonderful!

Now onto the second half which was a mega twist and I absolutely LOVED it, so much that as I type my heart is getting fluttery with excitement. On being re-animated, Drew reveals that the pair’s love affair is certainly not what Terry led us to believe. Through various flash backs, we see that Terry was obsessed with Drew and would stop at nothing to have him in her life and keep him there.

This book was written in such a stunning way, there was no gratuitous violence or gore but still had the same effect in its descriptions. Both characters were fabulously written, especially in the first half, I truly felt for Terry and what she was going through but as soon as Drew let us in on his side of the story it was a complete game changer. And the ending was just perfect.

I would absolutely recommend this book for fellow horror lovers, it is short but extremely sweet and effective with plenty for your mind to brew on after finishing it.

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