They All Died Screaming – by Kristopher Triana – Book Review

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It’s called The Scream…

Once you get it, you simply cannot stop screaming. 

You can’t eat or sleep. It drives you more and more insane until you can’t stand to be alive a second longer.

When the phenomenon hits Chuck’s city, the chronically unemployed pervert joins a band of misfits to make his final stand.

Can Chuck, a bitter bartender, a dockside prostitute, a conspiracy theorist, and a homeless man find a way out of the apocalypse…

Or will they all die screaming?

I am SO excited to guest review for such an awesome bunch! When I was asked to review a book of my choosing, I wanted it to be for a cracking book so who better to choose than the Splatter King himself, Kristopher Triana. The book I am reviewing is They All Died Screaming, published in October 2020.

After reading Gone to see the Riverman, I was hard pressed to find a story that both excited and repulsed me – in stepped They All Died Screaming.

Chuck is not a likeable character, he is perverted, anti-social and just downright awful but when a virus they call ‘The Scream’ hits his town, Chuck gets together with some equally depraved people to try and survive. Meanwhile there is a horrifying back story that follows ‘the boy’, a 9 year old boy who is kidnapped to work on a man’s farm of horrors.

I was not disappointed when reading this story. Kristopher Triana has a style of writing to make his stories burst into terrifying life. In the best way possible, I felt sick reading this story. It’s certainly not for readers with a sensitive stomach or the easily offended.

The dual narratives kept the story fresh without being too jumpy, and there were twists and turns aplenty which added to the excitement when reading this book.

Other than the extensive list of potential trigger warnings, extreme gore and violence (well it IS Splatterpunk!) there isn’t anything I would change about this fabulous piece of work.

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