3:33 – by Mark Towse – Book Review


A very exclusive club.
Invitation only, and by rather unorthodox methods.
How will you know? You’ll know.
No cash or credit card required.
Leave your sanity at the door.

I’m relatively new to the mind and workings of Mark Towse, the first book I read being There’s Something Wrong with Aunty Beth and then Nana which were both brilliant books.

Seeing there was another book by Mr Towse, I was excited to read and review it! So here goes…

Frank is a depressed, middle-aged man in the beginnings of what some may call a mid-life crisis. You know, leather trousers, gelled hair and buying a Jaguar car (yes, I have seen this happen, it wasn’t pretty). He is unhappy with his wife, who is obsessed with her looks, social life and so drains his bank account, and his kids, who won’t give him the time of day no matter how hard he tries. Unable to sleep, Frank takes night drives and comes upon a surreal, inviting, and exciting club for ‘exclusive members only’, which is irresistible to him. Inside this club, Franks eyes are opened to the possibilities of another side to life with seemingly very little consequences…until things take a turn to the dark side.

Firstly, this book was an absolute trip! Mark Towse has a way of writing that just blasts your imagination with imagery and emotion which is unrelenting. There was a lot going on, which was quite hard to keep up with at times, but I guess that’s how Frank felt in his ‘other life’ full of beautiful men and women, cocktails, and debauchery! Some parts were very surreal (blood thirsty hair anyone) and some were actually very emotional and sad. I absolutely LOVED that there as mention of Nana and cherry pie in there…if you know, you know.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and powerful read with plenty of action and some darkly comic moments.

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