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  • 10 Horror Movies That Don’t Rely On Jump Scares

    Love horror, but hate being startled by insanely loud orchestra stabs? Then this might be the list for you. Here at Happy Goat Horror, we’re easily startled. After all, we’re goats. We spend half our time perched on inexplicably tiny ledges, to AVOID being startled. We’re big fans of tension, fear, creeping anxiety, an atmospheric…


    Book: Cunning Folk Author: Adam Nevill (This is a spoiler-free review) Money’s tight and their new home is a fixer-upper. Deep in rural South West England, with an ancient wood at the foot of the garden, Tom and his family are miles from anywhere and anyone familiar. His wife, Fiona, was never convinced that buying…

  • They’re Heeee-eeere!

    Hello, and thanks for checking out our brand new passion-project, Happy Goat Horror. I’m Goat Leader, the head of this horror-loving tribe, and the one you’ll see posting on our social media pages. We also have our reviewers, Angry Goat and Jolly Goat, who excitedly await your review requests. Some of you already know who…