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  • 1st Giveaway/Competition Announcement

    Hey kids – I’m excited to bring you Happy Goat Horror’s first giveaway! The prize in question? A book/books of your choice, up to the value of £20 (ish). Pick whatever you want – major release, indie horror, comic – as long as your choice is something we can actually obtain without going down an…

  • Movie Review – THE PLATFORM

    Starring: Ivan Massague Written by: David Desola & Pedro Rivero Directed by: Galder Gatzelu-Urrutia Run Time: 1h 34m THE PLATFORM (known in its origin country of Spain as EL HOYO (The Hole)) is a 2019 horror film that’s currently available to watch on Netflix UK. Fair warning – there will be major spoilers in this…

  • Dear Laura – by Gemma Amor – Book Review

    Hello, my little goaties (or kids, I could say) – this is a spoiler-free review, so dive on in! Every year, on her birthday, Laura gets a letter from a stranger. That stranger claims to know the whereabouts of her missing friend Bobby, but there’s a catch: he’ll only tell her what he knows in…